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With an entrepreneurial mindset and a green soul, we help companies plant new forests to achieve their net-zero strategy.

TreeTrust Gründerteam I Anbieter von CO2 Komensation Projekten und CO2 Zertifikaten
Andreas Heger, Geschäftsführer und Mitgründer von TreeTrust, Vermittler von hochwertigen CO2 Waldprojekten


Andreas develops sustainable business models using his background in science and his many years of experience in innovation and strategy development at Munich Re. He led innovation initiatives in the climate sector and developed the business idea of TreeTrust from this.

Philipp von der Schulenburg, Geschäftsführer und Mitgründer von TreeTrust, Vermittler von hochwertigen CO2 Waldprojekten

von der Schulenburg

Philipp has international management experience in risk management and reinsurance business in Japan. Most recently, he led Munich Re's Tech Scouting in Silicon Valley.

Matthias Kramer, Mitgründer von TreeTrust, Vermittler von hochwertigen CO2 Waldprojekten


Matthias brings venture-building experience to the team. As a serial entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in building ventures, especially in sustainability and CO₂ savings. Before TreeTrust, he has already built ventures in e-mobility and IoT.

Trust must be earned. Because of that, we invest in pre-screening and selecting our projects and partners. Otherwise, it is not TreeTrust.

TreeTrust CO2 Zertifikat
Projektfläche Unternehmenswald zur CO2 Kompensation in Guatuso (Costa Rica)

TreeTrust is a corporate venture
of Munich Re.

Torsten Jeworrek I Ehemaliger Vorstand von Munich Re

"A lot of companies set ambitious climate protection targets. They want to offset inevitable carbon dioxide emissions by capturing the same amount from the atmosphere. In a carbon offset market where supply is scarce, TreeTrust organises suitable afforestation projects for discerning companies.

Munich Re has been researching the risks of climate change for over four decades. Our innovative approaches here emphasise prevention, risk transfer and resilience. TreeTrust is now leveraging our expertise in the carbon offset market, in turn aiding the transformation towards a climate-neutral economy."

Torsten Jeworrek

Former Member of the Board of Management of Munich Re

We support companies in financing high-quality and long-lasting CO₂ projects. Our work creates new forests and, thus, visible evidence of the company's climate activities.