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TreeTrust helps companies achieve their net-zero goals through high-quality reforestation projects.

What TreeTrust can do for you

Net-Zero with your
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We are experiencing a significant awareness shift. Companies are committing to ambitious climate targets. As a result, the supply of high-quality CO₂ certificates becomes scarcer and more expensive.

TreeTrust provides companies with easy access to new CO₂ reforestation projects:

  • Highest and verifiable carbon removal quality
  • Stable CO₂ price over a period of 40 years
  • Transparent and clear origin of CO₂ certificates

TreeTrust stands for trust through verifiable quality

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We plan for decades by offering long-term project configurations that ensure stable and pre-agreed CO₂ costs. Our comprehensive risk assessment, project appraisal, and proven contract framework enable long-term stable projects and thus, new forests.


We ensure that projects become increasingly transparent through remote sensing technologies and digital reporting. As a result, threats to forests can be quickly identified, and remedial action is taken.


We select locations and conditions for all projects so that the continued existence of the forests is ensured beyond the project period.  

Guanacaste (Enterolobium cyclocarpum)


Our projects

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Good Reasons
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We select high-quality projects

Our customers receive young forests with verifiable quality. With our risk assessments, we subject all our projects to established standards in the reforestation sector, such as Gold Standard, PlanVivo, or VCS Verra.

We take care of the process

We structure the project, design the contract, and adapt it to the processes and structures of our customers.

We ensure project transparency

Our digital measurement and recording make climate protection tangible. The resulting transparency enables our customers to inform themselves and their stakeholders about all projects in detail.

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We leverage many years of experience and deep expertise in climate modelling, forestry, risk calculation, remote sensing, and asset structuring as part of Munich Re.

They say the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now

TreeTrust in Costa Rica