Net-Zero with
your own forest project

With TreeTrust, companies receive their own reforestation project and thus, stable CO₂ prices and high-quality certificates for 40 years.

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What sets
us apart

We arrange long-term and high-quality reforestation projects for companies to achieve their net-zero strategy. Through pre-financing, companies obtain their own forest project.

  • Our risk know-how:
    We minimize risks and make project risks transparent.
  • Proven and secured purchasing process:
    We save time and effort and point the way to your own forest with a proven contract framework and process.
  • Digital transparency and experientiality:
    With technology, we track growth and identify threats to young forests at an early stage.


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Renaturation in Costa Rica

This year, tree planting will begin on over 1,000 hectares of former pastureland in northern Costa Rica for the first carbon removal project. Young forests will grow there and bind more than 600,000 tons of CO₂ over 40 years.  

The project supports the restoration of a near-natural rainforest and benefits the diversity of wildlife, the quality of water, and the local people through jobs.


according to the Gold Standard


tons of CO₂ to be captured

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hectares of pastureland

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Good Reasons
for TreeTrust

We select high-quality projects

Our customers receive young forests with verifiable quality. With our risk assessments, we subject all our projects to established standards in the reforestation sector, such as Gold Standard, PlanVivo, or VCS Verra.

We take care of the process

We structure the project, design the contract, and adapt it to the processes and structures of our customers.

We ensure project transparency

Our digital measurement and recording make climate protection tangible. The resulting transparency enables our customers to inform themselves and their stakeholders about all projects in detail.

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